The outlook for house prices, may not be as gloomy as first anticipated. Estate agents, do get bad press, and the property market is definitely challenging. But, with happier selling days envisaged, buyers who have their wits about them, will forge ahead for a sale, despite the ups and downs of the market. We have listed 13 points, to take into consideration that you can do, to improve your chances of selling your property quickly. (https://readysteadysell.co.uk/scotland/ for quick house sale scotland)

  1. Staging your property, as they say in the business, which means, presenting your property to prospective buyers in the best light possible. The exterior, should be refreshed with a new coat of paint. The garden area, should be well landscaped, and tidied. Piles of dead leaves, should be picked up, and bushes trimmed. Outdoor furniture, may need attention, and should be placed in such a way that highlights, the potential of the garden area.Buyers need to visualise themselves, sitting in the garden on a hot summer day with family and friends, entertaining outside.
  2. Essential Access If you don’t show your home off to prospective buyers, at the drop of the hat, when it’s convenient to them, and don’t get get buyers through the doors, you won’t get a sale. Don’t make it difficult for estate agents, if they are acting for you, to get clients into your premises. If appointment times are restrictive, needing to be made in advance, it is off putting to buyers, and estate agents with busy schedules themselves. They may just cross you off their list, and show properties, that are available and are easy to get into.
  1. Leave your personal possessions behind Your home can stand out from the rest of the property on the market for sale, by getting rid of some of your personal property. Leaving behind, items as a sweetener, to sell your house, items that a home buyer, might not be able to afford. These items, can range from a plasma screen t.v. or expensive kitchen appliances. Closing cost credits, used to be a bonus, but now buyers have become to expect them. These personalised items, could help distinguish your home from the rest, and may go a long way to establishing a sale.


  1. De-Clutter The buyer, needs to visualise living in the house you call home. remove, and clear articles from surfaces, shelves and throw away anything, that hasn’t been used for a year. Pack most of your items up, or put them into storage, ready for your move.
  1. De-Personalise Personal items, should be removed from your rooms. Potential buyers, need to visualise, whereabouts, they can place their own personal objects. They can’t do this, surrounded by your family photos, your bulky furniture, or dramatic decor. Put items into storage or give to friends and family for safe keeping.
  1. Understand Pricing Work with your estate agent, or mortgage broker, to research and become educated about comparable house sales in your local area. This will influence the market value of your house considerably. Make your estate agent or mortgage broker work, to obtain details of houses similar to yours, and the competitive prices they have sold for in the last month or so.Try to go lower, perhaps 10 -15 percent below, when your list your selling price. Viewings, from buyers to homes, are more frequent, when the property looks like a great deal. This could result in maybe multiple offers, and that may start a bidding war.
  1. Advice from your agent Your estate agent, or mortgage advisor, have a wealth of knowledge, and experience in the art of selling. An experienced estate agent, is your new found best friend. Listen to what they recommend, and pay attention to their advice. You must feel comfortable, have confidence, and trust in your estate agent though.

8. Look up the competition Work alongside, the estate agent or mortgage broker, to size up the price, type of sale, and how conditions of other homes are, in comparison to yours. Do a real estate check, and frequent open days that show houses in your area that are for sale. Compare, and contrast, making sure, your property is up to scratch, and the best it can be, for potential buyers to look at.

  1. Use the social network Spread the word, that you are about to sell your home. Visit, social networking sites such as, Facebook and the like, to reach a bigger audience. Friends, will tell friends, and its a free way of connecting to a larger audience and section of the public.
  1. Online marketing This is a relatively, new way of advertising your property for sale. Now, about 90 percent of home buyers, start off using this. Online listings, can be viewed at a click, rather than painstakingly travelling from property to property. The pictures of the houses for sale, have a strong selling value. Trulia.com has done a study, that shows, buyers are more likely, to view listings, which contain 6 or more pictures, than listings, with less that that.
  1. Video Use a Flip Cam and show, your home and the neighbourhood, to prospective buyers on YouTube by video. Include, the neighbourhood, local bakery,park or coffee shop, to make prospective buyers, fall in love with your home, and want to buy it.
  1. Let’s Party Hold an open house, a day where you invite, your neighbours to it. If you are online, message board or e-mail list, send invitations out. House hunters, love to look around, before they settle on and make a decision to buy somewhere.
  1. Condition your home To compete, in today’s selling world, you undoubtedly need to be ahead of the competition, especially with the condition of your house.Get those repairs attended to, the ones that you have been putting on the back burner, and putting at the bottom of your list of things to do. It is an intrinsic selling point. If a prospective buyer, feels the property warrants little money spending on it, and it is in great shape, and ready to move into. Refresh paintwork, attend to the garden, and driveway, give the property kerb appeal.

We hope that these points, will spark you into action, to get your house ready for that all important life changing sale. Good Luck!